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Spacey, interesting and intriguing as is so much electronic music, this latest released from Hollan Holmes, Milestones captures an interesting schism in time, a time of retrospective journeying into that place often called ‘some other space, some other time’.

Intriguing pieces capture elemental vibes that change the contextual nature of the music which prevents the listener predicting what is to follow in each track. An almost space like theme appears to develop, especially early in the collection with, One Giant Leap, when the voices of NASA Astronauts reach out from deep space, before a serious electronic journey into the imaginative world of space commences. Neil Armstrong’s famous words ‘One giant leap for mankind’ once again reach out through history to mark this momentous occasion.

About the time of this historic space mission modern day synthesiser music was in its very infancy, experimental and confrontational. Groups such as Tangerine Dream were well into experimentation, Mike Oldfield was capturing audiences worldwide with this amazing sound and many rock groups were using this amazing ability to distort soundwaves to their advantage with anew beat and vibe being to shape music on a regular basis.

To this end more than sixty years on, the twisting, reshaping and bending of sound waves continues to stretch the mind, creating sounds that tease the ear, allowing the mind to drift and flow, to take the listener to any place they choose to go, courtesy of ambient electronic music forms.

Milestones records some of the many way points as it continues to explore hidden nuances within the sound spectrum. Encompassed within in several tracks is an almost overarching, spiritual feel to the music, whereas in others such as Bulletproof the vibration captured is unsettling, almost jagged in its interpretation.

Something Wicked Comes this Way a fitting title for an eerie, slightly disturbing interpretation for the hollow sound of the dark unknown, which if nothing else, attracts the darker imagination before building to a crescendo of surreal sounds moving across the ether: Alfred Hitchcock in musical format, which aptly demonstrates the power of electronica to shape, shift and change

As a finale Ayyappan is a melodic, peaceful and relaxing composition that has a dreamy, etheric mood floating throughout the lengthy piece. Thankfully this allows the mind to relax and refresh after a somewhat challenging journey across the musical spectrum of electronica.

DistributorSpotted Peccary Music
ReleasedFebruary 2020
ArtistsHollan Holmes