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Toward The Horizon

Beginning as somewhat of an experiment and blossoming into Toward the Horizon, this album is a real treat for fans of electronica, as it is a six-track odyssey into ‘spacemusic’ created by Craig Padilla, a veteran of electronic music creation and Marvin Allen, a noted guitarist and master of the synthesiser.

Having known and worked with each other for more than ten years, the pair finally decided to sit down and have a session together to see what it produced. Some eight hours later the basis was laid for what was to be crafted into the title track Towards the Horizon, a lengthy 17:39 journey into space, nothing more nothing less, but showcasing from the beginning, the remarkable talent of these two musicians and the mastery of their craft.

The work is melodic and gentle with a surreal overtone, which makes this a very appealing collection in a genre specific area. The skill of Allen’s guitar work is a powerful force which is gentled, softened and then enhanced to a rolling soundwave with the synth, which is one of the many aspect’s fans of rock, ambient, electronic and guitar will definitely appreciate.

As the work progresses there is a definite influence from the works of Kintaro and Vangelis visible, both masters of the electronic sound before it became popular, ground-breaking in their spectacular performances, which are still today held as industry benchmarks.

Hidden adds a lovely floating vibe to what has to his point been an excellent soundscape journey, relaxing, enjoyable and seamless in its style.

Liquid heaven is a piece which can be explored at will, creating much of what could be considered as mental exercise for comfort, allowing the imagination to float free of the bonds of everyday life to places not yet explored, which also draws a close a quintessential collaboration, a first for both Padilla and Allen and hopefully not the last we will hear from these talented musicians.


DistributorSpotted Pecary Music
ReleasedFebruary 2019
Running Time57:00
ArtistsCraig padilla and Marvin Allen