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Touch and Sound

Sound, emotion and feeling are all wrapped up in this delectable album from pianist and composer Juan Sanchez Touch and Sound, the perfect collection of exquisite cameo pieces each wrapped in beautiful melody.

As the work is lengthy, seventeen tracks in total, it makes the perfect element to encourage time spent in reflection, allowing a sense of space where time is endless, drifting and soothingly enhanced by the delicately crafted music.

Commencing with the daintily created Sands of Time the scene is set for a delightful journey into the world of contemporary classical music, melded with a touch of synth and wordless vocals softly wafting through several of the tracks.

The very beautiful song Lullaby for a Frantic World is one such piece that lulls the senses into a calm space, perfectly balanced with piano and violin capturing the very essence of a lullaby – a gentle melody or song to sooth someone to sleep.

An interesting concept is presented in Human Rights, introduced with a strong piano chord, before flowing into a cello based melody with the piano appearing to float over the deeper drone of the strings. Melancholic emotions are entwined with this piece, which ask to be further examined.

Haunting lyrics grace the gentle piece Le Grand Bleu once again a seamless blending of instruments using the voice to connect the various elements to create feeling of pure bliss.

For those who do not read the track listings, there are two versions of Astral Voices, the first is piano infused with angelic voices and delicate synth offering a dreamy soundscape, the second, pure piano, reflective of a man at one with his music, deeply immersed in the creative process. Both equally as beautiful.

The final piece Touch and Sound simply bounces into creation, offering a catchy and yet gentle return from a world of sensuous pleasure, of sound of rich emotion to softly land in the world of now.

Touch and Sound as a collection is absolutely beautiful, reflective and rich, with a subtle sense of emotion and is as good as it gets within the neo-classical genre. It is definitely going to be one album that will be gracing the Awards nights in the months to come.

Distributor Juan Sanchez
Released November 2021
Artists Juan Sanchez