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Love Walks Through Rain

Beautiful, poignant and delicate this beautiful series of compositions, Love Walks Through Rain from Ann Sweeten touches the heart with enchantment as the emotion pours forth, soft, gentle and peaceful.

For more than 20 years Ann Sweeten has been composing her own music, reaching deep into her emotions to create haunting pieces that remain timeless in their appeal. Commencing with Valley Green she created the basis of the album in tribute to her beautiful dogs, both of whom passed within months of one another, leaving her bereft.

Glimmer was written in a time of hope, that the treatment would be successful, but sadly this was not to be; despite the sadness within the piece the light touch with careful use of violin makes this a most enjoyable moment.

Through the darkness of health challenges, Sweeten has used her music to create beauty in the most memorable way.  Love Walks Through Rain is one such piece reflecting on the rain that does fall on each life, changing, washing clean, offering hope, easing pain and sorrow.  Somewhat somber and yet, as with the other songs, washed with a delicate emotion that simply says where there is life, there is hope and wonder to be found. Haunting soprano saxophone gently played, makes this a particularly poignant piece.

While the songs have been written in tribute to beloved dogs, Red (Requiem for an old friend) is in honour of a majestic Red Maple, more than 200 years old which eventually had to be removed as it was slowly dying. This tree had seen worlds and people change over its lifetime, offering shade, vibrant colour and shelter to Sweeten and her dogs for more than 40 years.

Bringing a softly gentle and perfectly divine neo classical work to a close is Valley Greene, Orchestral Reprise closing the circle, perfect in its balance of emotion, capturing the sweetness and strength of love that holds true, guiding and encouraging through life’s storms.

Enchanting, delightful and poignant Love Walks Through Rain is Ann Sweeten at her best.

Distributor Ann Sweeten
Released 2023
Running Time 54mins 51 secs
Artists Ann Sweeten