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Other Weather

Billed as ambient classic Other Weather from Jeff Grienke is subtly different to his previous recordings in that piano is the predominant instrument , with others joining in as Grienke so chooses, creating as he feels and hears the sound ranges within the changing element of weather.

 Long fascinated with the elements that create weather, his more recent music reflects his expanding fascination which has been structured, thanks to clever the use of electronic blending, to seek out and form an enchanting album of sound with subliminal appeal.

Beautifully subjective of the sky when it is so full of rain that  it appears to falling to the earth, Falling Sky is gentle, peaceful and evocative, whereas  Rising Cumulus brings about the heavy emotions of storms brewing, emotions rising, majesty forming before it crashes into a major symphony of light and sound, both stark in contrast, both elemental.

With the title Clouds like Flying Saucers, how could this not evoke the image of time spent simply observing the clouds as they float past, driven by an unseen wind to pass onto destinations unknown. So many images created to dissolve, to move into another form, shapeshifting before one’s eyes. Such magical moments have been captured with a gentle melody offering time out from the mundane.

Somewhat whimsical in nature the complete work comes with a lovely built in subtlety which, for those who do take time to take time, to watch the many aspect of the weather unfold, will totally understand. Weather forms the most beauteous of artworks momentarily created on a never ending basis to enchant and renew, as does the intangible nature of music.

Magical and soothing melodies abound throughout Other Weather that capture the quieter moments, such as a riotous sunset or gloriously gentle sunrise, the freshness after the rain, the immense feeling of storm clouds forming, creating within their very element an innate feeling of awe, of wonder, the overwhelming beauty of Snow Across a Windswept Plain, the eerie majesty perfectly captured.

In summation Other Weather is not at all what may be expected; it is delicate, introspective, reflective using a wide range of harmonies to build a delicate individual landscape to be enjoyed.

Distributor Spotted Peccary Music
Released February 2021
Artists Jeff Greinke