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Stories from Portugal

Every place is filled with stories, everyone has their own story to tell which adds to the rich tapestry of life surrounding the many places we all love and enjoy as a part of our life journey. Stories from Portugal from Suzanne Herman are a rather interesting collection of stories delivered in solo piano narrative.

Commencing the tale with Coimbra’s Legacy she weaves a tale around the often overlook city of Coimbra, a place that was once the capitol of Portugal, to be discovered on the banks of the Mondego River, its medieval architecture a well-kept secret, found only by those who choose to take a pathway less travelled.

Dancing across the keyboard the notes of A Conversation Under the Stars will take you to places only you can discover as you have your own conversation with the magic of the night skies; Herman’s music moves from dancing, twinkling stars to a the more sombre spaces that act as a majestic backdrop for the twinkling enchantment of the night skies.

Another interesting composition is Journeys, Encounters and Unanswered Question something we all have in our backstory of life, but perhaps never more so than when traveling in different worlds, cultures and histories when there is always much to be pondered. Deep and almost melancholy, the song is lifted with a light melody running through the piece. Calçada Portuguesa is an intriguing title for a piece as it refers to the wonderfully tiled pavement seen throughout Portugal made from small, flat pieces of stone in a technique first bought to Portugal by the Mesopotamians.

The final song the Breadmakers Dance, something that is a tradition through Portugal, as it is to do with the making of bread, the kneading of the dough; when the dough is slammed onto the boards then pushed, folded and repeated again and again creates a type of ‘dance’, the rhythm of which  is captured in this delightful song.

As do all journeys, so too does this one end with a flourish and the suggestion of bread baking in the oven to round out a tapestry story book, journeying through Portugal, enjoying the stories told along the way.

Distributor Suzanne Herman
Released May 21021
Artists Suzanne Hermann