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Meditation In Green

Immersion is the relevant word for the seven atmospheric tracks of Meditation in Green morphing out of the beauty of the Mekong Delta, a place of lush greenery, an immense river system and seasonal flooding. A place that dates back pre-history, a place that is stepped in the mystery of the ages, a place known as a ‘biological treasure trove’ as much of the area still remains unexplored.

All this and more has been woven into a platform of electronic vibration that is perfect for meditation, which if desired, could help facilitate transcendental meditation.

During the course of the seven works, there are noticeable points occurring such as the frogs croaking, a temple bell, gentle electronic guitar and a variety of wildlife, which if not being used for higher mediation, creates a necessary break in the vibration, allowing the listener to remain grounded.

Meditation in Green begins the journey moving on through the Imperial City of Drone, which in itself is a mystical piece, then slowly drifting around A Bend in the River, before coming to the Plain of Reeds.

Laukoo could very easily be considered as a stand-alone meditation at 8:19 seconds, perfect for those days when time is short and the need to step out for a moment and rebalance is strong.

Mystical elements are bought into focus instantly in Moonlight Delta, an elegant and mysterious piece that allows the mind to create a moonscape over rain forest terrain, creating dramatic nightscapes of mystical shapes as the moon washes the edges into an eerie, and yet transformative etching.

Returning once again to the everyday world, is done with Bells of Can Tho, heralded in with a very faint jangling of bells, before a roll of thunder enhances the bells and the drone of the life blood that is the Mekong, that overarching white noise that never seems all that far away, draws the journey to a close.

Should you choose to use Meditation in Green as a guided meditation, the vehicle of choice would be a sampan or similar floating on the Mekong River, drifting with the slow flow of the water; timeless, perfect and ancient.

Distributor Spotted Peccary Music
Released 2019
Running Time 57:25
Artists Kelly David