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Thirteen o’clock

In this their debut album, songwriters Emma Royle and Jessie Vintila have given the listener a delightful and eclectic mix of music and almost a slice of their lives which is both refreshing and enjoyable.


Delicate, catchy, funky and foot tapping, almost country in some tracks, this is great presentation of life and love in the modern day.


Simple and well presented each track is specific to itself such as “so you’ve never” which looks at love and asks “have you ever been in love”, and then tells you” if so reach out a hold it with both hands”.  Each track tells a story which, delivered in the same simple, evocative style can’t help but draw in the listener.

Folksy does not describe the style but entertaining and enjoyable with a quirk, definitely does.  A great debut album from The Lucky Wonders and hopefully the first of many more albums.

PublisherVitamin Records