10 Seconds of Courage How to recognise and embrace those life-changing moments

Reviewed By  Nan van Dissel       November 27, 2017


Author  Nadine Champion

Distributor:      Allen and Unwin
ISBN:                 9781760293604
Publisher:         Allen and Unwin
Release Date:   July 2017  

Website:    https://www.allenandunwin.com 

Nadine Champion is not only a champion by name but also by her amazing courage and achievements in the face of adversity. In her book ’10 Seconds of Courage’ she relates her fascinating life story in which her interest in the martial arts played a significant part. This fascination with the martial arts grew from her involvement with the disciplines of Karate, Tae kwon Do and Jiu Jitsu and developed into successes in Thai boxing and Kickboxing. In her inspirational book, she has chronicled her perseverance, resolution and her ultimate achievements not only in many facets of the martial arts but also in life itself.

‘10 Seconds of Courage’ explains her passion for many disciplines of martial arts, the training and dedication required to reach the pinnacle in this sport and the role of her mentor Sensei Benny, who played a significant part in developing the principles by which she now lives her very full and successful life. Each chapter highlights an insight by which Nadine lives her life; she encourages others to embrace it too.

Not only is this a compelling read about the martial arts but it is also a ‘self-help’ for achieving the best personally, professionally and physically. For easy access, Ms Champion, a cancer survivor, has collated her “10 second thoughts” at the end of her book. Both Turia Pitt (burns survivor) and Gill Hicks (London bombing survivor) reviewers of this book, recommend the simple practical mottos as providing powerful insights into how the reader can overcome fear and live life to the full.

If you have ever lived in fear or have been in need of more courage this is the book for you!