2023 Australasian Sky Guide

Reviewed By  Grasshopper2       November 26, 2022


Author  Dr Nick Lomb.

Distributor:      New South Books
ISBN:                 9781742237862
Publisher:         UNSW Press.
Release Date:   October2022  

Website:    https://unsw.press/books/2023-australasian-sky-guide/ 

The Contents page of the 2023 Australasian Sky Guide by Dr Nick Lomb explains its many uses. Highlights for 2023, This Year’s Events, Future Events, Wiradjuri Constellations, The Solar System, The Moon, Time, The Seasons, The Southern Cross, 2022 David Malin Awards, and Anniversaries are just some of the many things that are covered and explained. It also sets out on a monthly basis the stars and planets and their positions.

Reading the Highlights, we find that during 2023 there will be an eclipse of the sun. It will be total eclipse on 20th April in Western Australia, but only a partial eclipse will be seen in other parts of Australia and New Zealand.

In October there will be a partial eclipse of the moon, which will be visible in the early hours of the morning for people in Western Australia, Northern Territory and South Australia. For people who are fascinated by astronomy these dates will be marked down and noted.

The details given in the section of the Solar system are interesting. The history of the naming of each planet is given; Uranus was named after the Roman God of the sky who was the father of Saturn and grandfather of Jupiter.

This planet was discovered in 1781 by a musician and amateur astronomer, William Herschel. There follows a description of the planet, and facts known about it.

For avid sky watchers, or those interested in finding out more about the stars and planets, and night sky this is truly an essential guide.