A Spiritual Look at the 12 Signs: An Introduction To Spiritual Astrology

Reviewed By  Janet Mawdesley       May 23, 2017


Author  Joseph Polansky

Distributor:      Dodona Books
ISBN:                 9781780992006
Publisher:         Dodona Books
Release Date:   March 2017  

Website:    http://www.dodona-books.com 

Astrological signs or Horoscopes all mean something different to each person. Some firmly believe in the Sun Signs side of astrology, other the spiritual side and others none of the above, but do occasionally have a look at their Astrological signs in the papers, simply to see what may or may not be there for them as the day unfolds.

But there is far more to Astrology than is first seen or even imagined as it is a science, which Polansky considers is  as pure as mathematics, dating back centuries, having been used for many things from predicting outcomes, planting of crops and the art of healing. Polansky, in this detailed look at the pure science of Astrology, will help towards a stronger and far more intricate understanding of just what being born under a certain sign really means or encompasses.

Many enjoy and relate to the ‘sun signs’ but as Polansky states, seldom is there a pure ‘sun sign’, as most are born under a blend or a mixture of several signs, therefor ‘sun‘ based astrology, while entertaining, somewhat accurate and always enjoyable, is not as comprehensive as the full science that is related and integral to the traditional signs.

Considered as essentially a spiritual science, Polansky continues from this basis to help you understand WHY: why Gemini’s are talkative, why Capricorns appear to be materialistic but really are incredibly complicated, and why Taureans can often be somewhat ambivalent.

As you take a journey into the many layers of your ‘birth’ sign, at the end of each chapter there is a small but significant meditation that it would do well to learn and repeat at will, which will bring with it comfort and understanding when needed.

Adding the additional element of the twelve houses to the already confusing twelve powers of love, attitudes, soul, as well as spiritual facilities and abilities, creates yet another important layer which once again comes with its twelve compartments. This is followed by a delightful chapter on Minutes of a Symposium on the Meaning of Life, which has nothing at all to do with Monty Python and lots to do with the immense spiritual component which accompanies every human life at birth. Following chapters also look at Aromas, Yoga’s, Health and interestingly, Spiritual Roots of Disease.

Intricate, fascinating, confusing and not to be read all at once, this comprehensive work needs to be read slowly in able to absorb the detailed information, which will in turn lead to a better, healthier and wiser understanding of not only you and your sign, but also of those who surround and love you.