A Surfer’s Guide to Property Investing

Reviewed By  Janet Mawdesley       May 27, 2019


Author  Paul Glossop

Distributor:      Major Street Publishing
ISBN:                 978-0648410058
Publisher:         Major Street Publishing
Release Date:   February 2019  

Website:    https://majorstreet.com.au 

To invest or not to invest in property can be a serious question to ask and can have some very positive benefits to lifestyle when done with knowledge, a steady nerve and a desire to make a change in both your lifestyle and financial circumstances.

Paul Glossop shares his journey to success through property development in A Surfers Guide to Property Investing, explaining the rules of successful property investing from a thought to a reality, based on his experiences throughout the years.

Written in a comfortable and easy to understand style, he returns to the years of his childhood growing up in Liverpool, south-western Sydney, where unbeknown to him the seeds of his future were being sown by his mother.

An early career flirting with architecture and then teaching saw him looking towards buying into the real estate market at a time when, in Australia, the country was booming, unemployment was low and property was attainable at reasonable prices.

His first purchase, the research he and wife Kim put into where and what to buy, saw his passion solidify to a point where he gave a up a well-paying position with a pharmaceutical company to become a self-employed property developer; a decision which has over the years, paid off handsomely.

He shares the highs, the lows, the traps created when research is not carried out extensively and when things do not always go according to plan due to unforeseen market influences, what to do next – to hold or fold!

Based on his love of surfing he uses the analogy of heading out for a surf. Time is spent searching the waves, looking at the surrounding elements and so much more before the board is even put in the water, then applied these strategies to his love of real estate.

The chapters of the book discuss all aspects of real estate development from where to begin and most importantly, developing the right mindset to finance, location, renovation, commercial property, risk assessment and just about everything needed to be known or understood about successful property investment.

A Surfers Guide to Property Investing is the perfect book for people considering taking the first step in today’s challenging property marketplace, or for those who have been dabbling or have already begun to build their portfolios and may be seeking a fresh way forward.