Be Rich and Spiritual

Reviewed By  Janet Mawdesley       March 9, 2015


Author  Yildiz Sethi

ISBN:                 978-0-7552-1660-4
Publisher:         Bright Pen Books
Release Date:    


There is the conflict that by being spiritual you are already endowed with richness, but the other side is that this richness will not pay the bills. Perhaps materialism will in some way conflict with spirituality.

In this book, Yildiz Sethi undertakes to deal with the topic of Richness combined with Spirituality, a subject area which has, over time, become one filled with both confusion and conflict from a fresh, new perspective.

Not so says Sethi, you simply need to take look at the issue from a different perspective and by doing so unlock the true richness waiting for you.

She uses her background in Vedic Astrology, coupled with her life skills to help you along the pathway to creating your own wealth; the wealth which is there for you to discover.

Her belief that the so very many books already out on the market addressing this issue of gaining material wealth leave out some very important facts; they hint about the topic but fail to really address the question, how to manifest true wealth into your life in a positive manner and still have a rich and spiritual life.

And yes, this is truly possible to achieve and basically it all comes down to choice, yours!

Beginning with ‘The law of Attraction’ and ‘The Secret’, both  topics  familiar to many, she addresses the issues that are wrapped up in this almost simplistic ideal that by following these steps whatever you desire will somehow materialise.

Some may, some may not, but overall there can be a better and far more sustainable way of going about building what you desire from your hard work; that of wealth coupled with spirituality.

There are seven steps she has identified which if taken, studied and followed will not just bring you wealth it will also bring you a better understanding of who you are, where you fit into the ‘grand plan’ and how you can have a more meaningful effect with those you interact, family, friends and colleges.

This is a journey of gaining knowledge, some of which you have subconsciously had for many years and some newly learned. Combined it opens doors, clears out the clutter and allows you to create a new pathway forward, based on faith, love and a new understanding of you, person.

Enjoy the journey towards gaining both a new perspective on your spirituality and your wealth.