Beating Burnout, Finding Balance: Mindful Lessons for a Meaningful Life

Reviewed By  Janet Mawdesley       March 30, 2023


Author  Melo Calarco

Distributor:      Wiley
ISBN:                 978-1394154593
Publisher:         Wiley
Release Date:   March 2023  


Melo Calarco is a man who has lead a full and rich life, working with many top line professionals, in the Business, Medical, Sporting and Entertainment arenas, along with anyone who is suffering from the effects of too much stress, pressure and the burning desire to be the best at what they do.

He has garnered the skills he uses as a Mindfulness and Performance Coach on his personal journey through life, having cycled around the world as a younger man, spending time with Monks throughout Asia, tramping and climbing in the Himalayas before eventually settling in Victoria and establishing himself as sought after health professional in the area of Mental Health and Wellbeing.

Over the years he has seen many professional people simply facing exhaustion, both mentally and physically, or to coin a well abused word, Burnout. He has also noted a marked increase in work based distress over the recent past, with the ever increasing fast pace of life and the flow on effects from the COVID epidemic.

In order to gain a balanced perspective before he wrote his book Beating Burnout, Finding Balance, Calarco interviewed 200 people. More than 90% of them were unaware they were facing Burnout until they were confronted with major health issues, which he considered as a very worrying trend.

He realised that he needed to write a book to be able to offer help to a much wider audience, perhaps a different demographic; to educate people under pressure, for whatever reason, to learn to recognise the symptoms of Burnout early enough to be able to change. Beating Burnout, Finding Balance is the result.

Well presented, he walks the reader through the issue of Burnout and through simple lifestyle changes that have been tried, tested and proven to make a massive difference to health and wellbeing based in Mindfulness practices, Health Science and proven techniques.

Each chapter ends with Self Awareness practices which have been presented in the preceding chapters, nothing to challenging or lengthy, just very powerful once mastered. Designed to be read in order, but if you are looking for something specific, each chapter could be read as a stand-alone section.

Beating Burnout, Finding Balance is an excellent book for anyone facing work or life stress, which is filled with practical, effective and very workable self-care practices, guaranteed to make a difference.