Bird Without Wings

Reviewed By  Ian Banks       March 10, 2014


Author  Cally Pepper

ISBN:                 978-1-78099-902-9
Publisher:         Lodestone Books
Release Date:    


This is the first book in a trilogy, Faebles, and does a good job of setting the scene for the books to come.

Scarlett is sixteen and happy to have her schooling behind her: somehow she never fitted in. Raised by her father with no knowledge of who her mother was, her life was already very different but with the disappearance of her beloved father she finds herself alone and friendless.

She is talked into going to a party with someone she though was a best friend but is attacked by the friends bother in attempt to rape her. Her fury at being handled in this way unleashes an incredible strength she was not aware of, which begins to make her wonder just what is really going on in her life.

Somehow or other the door to another world seems to be opening in a parallel universe, which may hold more answers than it does problems.

As Scarlett begins to discover there is definitely another side to her, she also discovers the world of the Fae; a world which is warm, welcoming and full of surprises.

As her talents and skill develop so does her knowledge of who her parents are and how she became to be raised in mortal world.

She also discovers she has some serious enemies in both worlds, or perhaps they are one and the same, along with some very sexy friends just to add a little bit extra to her journey of discovery.

The characters remain in your mind long after the ending of this chapter in the trilogy making you wonder just what will happen in the next instalment.

As a debut novel it is in a class of its own and well worth the read.