Reviewed By  Janet Mawdesley       June 13, 2021


Author  Sheila Vijeyarasa

Distributor:      Rockpool Publishing
ISBN:                 9781925946406
Publisher:         Rockpool OPublishing
Release Date:   May 2021  


How does a woman go from being a corporate high flyer to a following the pathway she was destined to follow, makes a very interesting story which is told in Brave: Courageously live your truth from Sheila Vijeyarasa, a woman who had it all, or seemed to have it all.

A glowing career, a corporate title Chief Financial Officer and what she considered the world at her feet, was what Sheila had worked hard to achieve ever since she was a small girl who looked like being dropped to a ‘B’ grade for her studies.

To her this was considered as a failure, something not to be tolerated. The only way up was to work hard which she did, coming out as Dux at the end of the year; a year of sacrifice, hard work and more hard work. Coming from a family of high achievers this appeared to be acceptable for one who was a perfectionist.

Pursuit of perfection became the mantra that drove her to reaching the top spot in the world of Corporate Finance, but as the years flew by friends married, had children and in so many ways left her behind. Coming from a Sri Lankan family, marriage and children were considered as high on the list of important things to achieve in life, along with a successful career.

She became deeply disturbed and depressed, realising that deep in her heart she had a calling to do more with her life, but was fearful of moving away from the accepted norm; to becoming a failure in her and her families eyes.

As with many of life’s dark moments it took losing her job to help her re-evaluate her life pathway and to step bravely onto the pathway of healing herself, discovering her life purpose and in her usual style of learning, she set out to discover everything she possibly could about her life purpose to become a spiritual teacher and intuitive medium.

Raw but with a brave and warm honesty Sheila Vijeyasrasa shares her journey, reaching out to all the women who are teetering on the edge of beginning their own Brave and Courageous Journey, and through the eyes of others who have already walked their pathway, offers understanding, a helping hand and evidence, most importantly of listening to your inner voice, your guide, to show you the way forward.

Life is life; it is what you choose to make of it that is important. Following your dream, stepping out onto your courageous pathway with courage and bravery is important as is knowing people such as Sheila, along with the many others who have shared their journey, are there to offer a helping hand, will make the journey so much more enjoyable.

The final word on the journey is a ‘power phrase’ that really encapsulates the message running throughout the book, ‘I am courageously me and I inspire others’. Make that your mantra!