Creatures : Harry Potter A Paper Scene Book

Reviewed By  Janet Mawdesley       December 1, 2018


Author  Warner Brothers

Distributor:      Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN:                 9781526605849
Publisher:         Bloomsbury Publishing
Release Date:   November 2018  


The world of wizard Harry Potter is one filled with magic and so many wonderfully fearsome Dragons and creatures of the Otherworld such as Thestrals, Dementors and Acromantulas, along with of course the centaurs and a host of dragons, all adding to the wonderment of the mysterious world of wizardry.

But spare a thought for the people who have lovingly crafted the works of JK Rowling, turning them into Movies loved and adored by many, bringing the colour and magic to life on the big screen. Guided only by the words of JK Rowling the filmmakers, the craftspeople who bring the world of magic to the screen, had to create creatures that were as fearsome and unique to the Forbidden Forest and the Black Lake that lived up to their reputations. What a massive challenge and one that fans of Harry Potter will agree they have done superbly.

In this book of dioramas beginning with the Forbidden Forest we meet the Thestrals, a gentle species that choose to avoid humans because they are a bit different. The following pages are filled with information on the other creatures that also inhabit the Forest, with details about their size and construction, such as the Acromantulas which in the Movies are portrayed as small spiders, digitally created except for Aragog, who was a physical creation with an eighteen-foot leg span. Not so little after all!

Dragons come next with their own luscious red diorama, as well as accompanying pages discussing the Norwegian Ridgeback, the Ukrainian Ironbelly and the Dragons of the Triwizard Tournament. Following right along is The Black Lake; its diorama filled with octopus like magical creatures and an explanation as to how Harry Potter managed to remain underwater for so long, to complete his challenge.

The final diorama is Dark Creatures creating a world of swirling dark and filled with Dementors, the foulest creatures that walk this earth; creatures who love it like that and enjoy being used by Lord Voldemort for his own ends. This shows how Dementors, The Basilisk and Inferi were created and where their creators discovered inspiration for these dastardly creatures of the dark.

Harry Potter Creatures is a treasure of a book which would be considered as the perfect gift for anytime of the year by all Harry Potter Fans and will become a treasured possession to add to every Harry Potter fans collection.