Cute Cakes for Kids

Reviewed By  Janet Mawdesley       January 1, 2018


Author  Karen Hardie

Distributor:      New Holland Publishers
ISBN:                 9781742579344
Publisher:         New Holland Publishers
Release Date:   January 2018  


Nothing strikes fear into the hearts of doting parents and grandparents everywhere, more than the beloved birthday child coming up with a picture of the ‘cake impossible’ they simply must have for their birthday party.

This phenomenon usually happens a day or two before the event and causes much distress and upheaval within the older family members. But help is at hand with this delightfully ‘simple’ book created by Karen Hardie that reduces the elements of this horrific undertaking down into smaller manageable components, which will see the boarders of sanity stretched only a little and will eventually look as if a true professional sculpted that marvel.

Children’s Birthday Cakes have come a long way since the Woman’s Weekly created  their cake decorating books, but the elements are definitely still the same. Cake, icing, and much, much mess, love and fun go into them all, only to get eaten by small children everywhere on a sugar high, after a wonderful birthday party.

Do not be put off by the collection of must haves in the first section of the book, as most of these items, if not already a member of the kitchen draw can be used for many other things in the culinary line, the ingredients also with perhaps, depending on how skilful you are at creating out of icing, an item called Sugar Glue, which while edible can often save the day, adhering firmly to the cake those tricky little bits that simply will not oblige

Each of the documented recipes comes with a comprehensive list of ingredients, items to use, patterns if required for leaves and ears, and step by step instructions to make, creating this magnificence so much easier.  The standard range of tried and true cake recipes have been placed at the back of the book.

Enjoy the journey into cake decoration by making Cute Cakes for Kids, big and small, as like many things, it can be a lot of fun makes people smile and creates a great sense of achievement at the end of the project.

But at the end of the day, the cake does not have to be exactly perfect, as long as it is made with lots of love, laughter and fun, it will end up exactly the same; small remains of crumbs on the plate at the end of the very happy birthday or significant event.