From Our Kitchen to Yours

Reviewed By  Janet Mawdesley       April 24, 2021


Author  The Country Women's Association of Victoria Inc

Distributor:      Murdoch Books
ISBN:                 9781922351296
Publisher:         Murdoch Books
Release Date:   April 2021  


185 favourite recipes from the Country Women’s Association of Victoria Inc

Regardless of what State of Australia you live within the CWA or Country Women’s Association has a long, proud history of caring and sharing throughout the rural regions and metropolitan areas. Over their many years of caring for their communities the ladies that make up the membership have developed a reputation for their craft and baking skills which are the envy of many.

From their vast archives of taste tempting and delicious recipes the CWA of Victoria have selected range of wonderful delights to share with family and friends. Based on the knowledge that one of the best skills anyone can have is the skill of being able to produce a hearty meal for family, the recipes selected are tried and true, having been cooked and shared amongst community and friends.

From a traditional sponge to the very latest in vegetarian fare there is something in the pages to appeal to the novice or the experienced cook. Jams, pickles, pastries, snacks, salads, main meals and delicious desserts just wait for a chance to shine. The 185 recipes that make up From Our Kitchen to Yours are complimented by beautifully photograph dishes.

But there is more to the CWA than just cooking and craftwork, there is the advocacy services which formed the beginning of the CWA in Victoria, back in March 1928, during a difficult time on the land when drought and hardship, isolation and lack of services for women and children where a matter of everyday life; a harsh reality of the isolation felt by women who lived in remote communities.

Food, hospitality and friendship have always been the underpinning philosophy for the Association which is still relevant in today’s society, where the focus has changed slightly to encompass projects working with Indigenous women, social isolation, victims of domestic violence, school breakfast club programs, all the while still actively campaigning to improve the lives and conditions of women and children in rural and metropolitan area.

Over past year the CWA have been reaching out to communities and people affected by on-going drought, the devastating bushfires of the summer of 2019-2020 and following crisis of the Covid-19 epidemic. They are there doing what they do best supporting the families, women and children of rural areas, offering food, friendship and a listening ear, along with a nice hot cuppa and a scone or two, when things get really, really tough.

The CWA of Victoria Inc invite you to enjoy their selection of delicious dishes all based on the ‘waste not want not’ principle of country women over the years, which include traditional, cost effective recipes and others that are thoroughly representative of the modern day Australian table such as Falafel Pockets, Easy Moussaka, Vegetarian Lasagne, Fish in coconut cream sauce and the always deliciously moreish Fudge Wedge.

Add a cuppa or a coffee and invite a friend to share in company, friendship and community represented by the CWA Australia wide.