Green Christmas Little changes that bring joy and help the planet

Reviewed By  Janet Mawdesley       November 3, 2020


Author  Eilidh Gallagher

Distributor:      Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN:                 9781526628343
Publisher:         Bloomsbury Publishing
Release Date:   October 2020  


This year past has seen so much of the traditional way of life turned completely on its head with change, reorganisation and acceptance of a ‘new norm’,  something that seem to change regularly, depending on what country you live in and the current challenges dealing with COVID.

One thing that has not changed though is Christmas; a time of year when families and friends gather to enjoy the seasons good cheer, except that Christmas in 2020 is another event that is going to change dramatically in so many countries to comply with health laws and regulations.

So what better time than to revisit how your family celebrate Christmas by considering celebrating with a Green Christmas, by cutting back on the excesses of a modern Christmas and start to look at cost effective, environmentally healthy options.

Eilidh Gallagher in Green Christmas, offers twenty  four ways to plan towards a stress free, cost effective family Christmas filled with fun, laughter, great food and good cheer; just some of the many things to celebrate at the end of a long, hard, tough, financially challenging year.

Slow Christmas, the first idea has great appeal, because, let us be honest about this, who does not really want to enjoy a ‘slow’ Christmas. Do take to heart the simple exercise on page 3 before you begin on the body of the book, as it will define what it is you really do want in your life and home, to create your magical Christmas; one that is special, magical and most importantly enjoyable.

Many of the ideas can be carried out as a family, such as making your own cards and gift tags, seeking alternates to live Christmas trees, making home-made gifts of jams, sweets, traditional Christmas biscuits and much more.

Planning Ahead is something we are all lax to undertake but in these trying times, is something that is worth investing in, to make sure that whatever you have decided for your special Christmas can be achieved.

Green Christmas is the perfect place to begin to revisit Christmas celebrations in the year of 2020 with aplomb, less stress, considerably less financial input and much more fun to be had by planning ahead, setting a budget, keeping it simple and enjoying the journey.