I’m So Effing Hungry

Reviewed By  Nan van Dissel       March 5, 2023


Author  Amy Shah.

Distributor:      Hachette Australia
ISBN:                 9780349433295
Publisher:         Hachette Imprint; Piatkus
Release Date:   March 2023  

Website:    https://www.hachette.com.au 

Why we crave what we crave – and what to do about

Have you tried endless weight loss programmes with little success? Dr Amy Shah’s latest book ‘I’m So effing Hungry’ could be the answer. It helps you manage hunger and cravings while at the same time breaking free from the oppression of diets and battles with food. 

Dr Amy Shah considers herself a practitioner of integrative medicine, as not only is she a graduate from medical school, but she also trained at the Cornell University’s renowned School of Nutrition. Her book focusses on the well documented science behind hunger and cravings; she breaks down the reasons why people feel hungry, thus removing the feeling of guilt.

It’s about eating more not less. Instead of eliminating foods, she encourages the reader to add healthy natural, high in fibre, non-processed foods to their diet; rewiring the brain so that it wants and craves nutritious, wholesome food.

The comprehensive discussion of her five step plan (Replenish, Rewire, Reset, Refresh and Restrain), provide the reader with helpful information about the body, how it functions and ways to lose weight and generally feel healthier. In order to reset the reader’s hunger and cravings in two weeks, the author has included wholesome recipes which are hunger tamers and craving crushers.

Warning to readers: Intermittent fasting is at the core of this approach to weight loss, healthy living and a feeling of wellbeing.