Playing Rugby League With Benji Marshall

Reviewed By  Ian Banks       January 11, 2015


Author  Benji Marshall

ISBN:                 9781742574387
Publisher:         New Holland Publishers
Release Date:    


Benji Marshall is a man who loves his sport; it is his passion, his life blood and it shows through in this “how to” on Rugby League, the game in which he has and still does excel.

From cover to cover the insights offered into professional sport in general and the game of ‘league’ in particular is inspirational. Marshall has a way of imparting the philosophy of the sport which is entertaining, instructional and informative.

If you knew nothing about the game when you started reading the book, by the time you have reached the end you may not be an expert, but you should have a comprehensive understanding of the code, some of the terminology used and some idea of how it all comes together to somehow to make a sport which is fast, skilful and some may even say brutal in execution.

Not only dealing with the skills of the game, there is a  wonderful chapter on Captaincy, Leadership and Coaching which is a must read chapter as it underlines the work, ethics and understanding which goes into making not only a great team player, but a player who is respected for his skills and ethics.

Marshall talks openly about his career, which has been spectacular, commencing as a youngster playing ‘touch’ and rugby union in New Zealand; he was offered a scholarship at the age of 16 to play ‘league from Keebra Park State High School in Queensland.

Signed by the West ‘Tigers’ he played in the pre-season World Sevens as well as Australian Touch Football team, making his first test debut against Newcastle in 2003. The rest is history, as he has Captained New Zealand to victory over Australia, come back from serious injury and forged his place on the list of the game’s greatest players.

This is an inspirational guide, not just into the art and skill of playing and understanding Rugby League, but also offers an insight into the essence of a champion, the motivation, life understanding and the dedication which goes into the making of a great sportsman.

For youngsters beginning in the game to the older player, there is something to be learned by everyone on one or more of the many aspects which go into making up the compelling game of Rugby League.