Postcards from the Other Side

Reviewed By  Janet Mawdesley       November 26, 2014


Author  Michelle & Ezio De Angelis

ISBN:                 978-1-74237-996-8
Publisher:         Allen & Unwin
Release Date:    


Death and dying – what is it really all about? Contained within the pages of Postcards is a wealth of information on this subject sent to help and heal those who have lost loved ones: whether it be recently or in years past.

TJ, tragically murdered at the age of sixteen, Shelley, diagnosed with a rare form of cancer leaving at the age of 28 and Joel with his infinite wisdom, all share their life in the spirit world.

The story of TJ is the focal point of the book. In the first year of his journey into the spirit world he returns through the medium of Ezio’s guide Red Eagle to offer comfort and insight to his family, struggling to cope with the horror of his death.

He is able to impart a wealth of knowledge about dying and what happens next which will answer many of the questions often asked about heaven, hell, what happens when you die.

Through stories shared by many, some which make you chuckle, such as the an unborn nephew showing up during a reading for his Aunt and letting her know, without doubt, the name he wished to be known by; the Priest whose father came to him in an accident to assure him he had chosen the right pathway in life but to take a broader view in his work, and many more, we are offered a rare opportunity to better understand our life journey.

 Real and honest, we receive comfort, insight, answers and many, many life lessons sent to us from those who have lived, loved and truthfully understand why we are here and what our life path is all about.