Self Love: Finding peace and happiness

Reviewed By  Grasshopper2       February 1, 2019


Author  Akal Pitam

Distributor:      Rockpool Publishing
ISBN:                 978-1-925682-59-5
Publisher:         Rockpool Publishing
Release Date:   October 2018  


The advice in Self Love: Finding peace and happiness is of a spiritual nature but captures many points which are relevant. The concept of self-love is not a new one, but viewing each experience we have from the point of view of a new beginning, is akin to a peaceful and thoughtful life. In the Aquarian age we rely more on our own moral compass than to blindly follow the authorities. By doing this we learn from our mistakes and move towards making a positive change.

Akal Pritam suggests that when you are ready to listen and learn, knowledge will be revealed to you. Information travels through light and if we can tap into the power of the Universe we can heal from the past. We all have an inner lion and make choices about how we translate that animal energy and as each generation learns wisdom we must listen to the children of today and learn from their creativity.

The navel is the first part of our existence to develop, therefor is considered as the root of the soul; energy radiates from this point and as we are educated using the brain only, we are missing out on linking into our true power. Knowledge needs true awareness to become powerful, which can and is experienced through exercise such as kundalini yoga.

The following chapters explain why it is necessary to experience self-love with examples of practices from ancient peoples. Forgiveness for yourself first, then broadening out to examine the world using tolerance and service to others is an old Hawaiian belief and one that will resonate on the journey to self-love, peace and happiness.

The positive nature of the practices outlined in the various chapters cannot help but lift and enlighten those who are mindful enough to accept the concepts.