Seventy Thousand Veils-The Miracle of Energy

Reviewed By  Janet Mawdesley       November 26, 2014


Author  Claire Porter

ISBN:                 978-1-84694-395-9
Publisher:         O Books
Release Date:    


How to describe one of the most compelling and detailed works on energy written for some years, other than to say it is challenging, researched in minute detail and totally absorbing.

Dowser Claire Porter takes her life time of experience, from a young child of three to a mature woman who has worked and walked in the field of spiritual energy for most of her life, and confronts many of the claims made by science in regard to the most fundamental basis of all life – energy, Chi, god energy, soul power or whatever term you refer to the life force that is in and surrounds everything in our very today world.

She presents completely differing theories on Hitler and the Second World War, of Angles, chakras, crop circles, ley lines, even the popular children’s book series “Harry Potter” to name just a few areas.

In talking about and discussing the occult, which most refer to as “Black Magic”, Porter goes to great lengths to explain that like everything else there are two sides, Black and White, and there is always that choice as to which pathway you choose to walk down.


Totally compelling and confrontational this work presents differing views on many of life’s ‘sacred cows’ challenging all who read the pages to view life through different eyes.