Simple Soulful Sacred: A Woman’s Guide to Clarity, Comfort and Coming Home to Herself

Reviewed By  Janet Mawdesley       August 10, 2019


Author  Megan Dall-camina

Distributor:      Hay House AU
ISBN:                 978-1401950927
Publisher:         Hay House AU
Release Date:   July 2019  


Simple Soulful Sacred describes this beautiful book perfectly as the words are just that, designed and carefully selected to appeal to women everywhere, their inner selves, that sacred place that is there within us all, often hidden, forgotten and in need of refreshing, rejuvenating, allowed to be an integral component of who we are: Woman.

‘I Am Woman’ became a mantra for women in the 1970’s; a time of emancipation, freedom and a time when women everywhere looked to a brighter future. Somewhere along the journey the shine has tarnished, many women drowning in exhaustion, overworked, frazzled beyond tolerable levels with far too much expected from them in their daily lives.

Burnt out is now the mantra of the modern women of the 2000’s, many beginning to want to feel whole, vibrant, healthy and happy in their daily lives. But in all the madness, they have no idea how to achieve what they truly desire.

Over many years carrying out research with a diverse cross section of women, Megan Dalla-Camina has discovered the main points women want in their lives. A feeling of sacredness, peacefulness, comfort, well-being, simplicity, liveliness, womanhood and sovereignty, simply some of the words used, words she has taken and expounded upon, that can and will help guide you onto a fresh new pathway to discovering who you are as you emerge into your own sacredness and power.

Dalla-Camina has allowed the work to be gentle, full of love and personal experience which can be read from cover to cover, taking each affirmation and subject area as it is set out, or after reading the Introduction it can be used to pose questions to ponder upon, as a daily affirmation, another perspective or simply as a way to reach out and know there is love and understanding simply waiting to be accepted.

Divided into Ten sections there truly is an answer there to be found about the questions needing to be asked in and about your life, all couched in love and understanding of the same journey travelled.

Each of the sub-titles automatically bring a with them a gentle smile, sometimes admittedly a little wry, a few words of wisdom from many wise, wonderful people such as Hellen Keller, Abraham Lincoln, T.S. Elliot, Simone De Beauvoir, Buddha, and more, followed with a lovely explanation to what is being offered before concluding with a heart-warming affirmation.

Full of wisdom, inspiration and in so many ways healing, this is a perfect guide into a fresh, new awakening of feminine power that will make a massive difference in the lives of not just women but all the people who are a part of their very existence.

Should permission be needed to begin the journey, Simple Soulful Sacred could be considered as just that!