Small Knits: Casual & Chic Japanese-Style Accessories (19 Projects + variations)

Reviewed By  Grasshopper2       December 26, 2021


Author  Yoko Hatta

Distributor:      New South Books
ISBN:                 9780804854108
Publisher:         Tuttle Publishing
Release Date:   June 2021  


There are nineteen projects in the beautifully photographed book, Small Knits, ranging from hand warmers, hats, mittens, neck warmers and gloves. The large and clearly photographed pages make this an easy-to-follow pattern book for the competent knitter. Firstly, the photographs show the finished product being worn. After the picture, the instruction pages follow. Most of the project are for knitters, but some are to be crocheted.

The instructions for making the small knits are very detailed. They begin with explaining the tools you will need. This includes the amount and colour of each skein of wool. This is followed by the size needles you will need, and any other tools needed to complete the product. From there, we are shown a pattern of the mittens with instructions showing size and colour and stitch. There are separate diagrams to show instructions for knitting the thumb, and a chart for ripple stitch.

Then begin the instructions for the actual knitting of the mitten. The following pages show detailed photographs of not only the stitches, but how to place them on the needles. For the very competent knitter, this is a very detailed instruction book. The finished products look unusual and sophisticated.

I am sure there would be hours of fun, exploration, and triumph in following the details so clearly displayed here. At the end of the book is a section headed “Technique Guide.” This has many diagrams, showing tips and methods to help the knitter with more complex patterns.