Stories of Love and War

Reviewed By  Janet Mawdesley       November 26, 2014


Author  Rebecca Britt

ISBN:                 9781742570372
Publisher:         New Holland Publishers(Australia) Pty Ltd
Release Date:    

Website:    http://";i:1;s:28:"http://";i:2;s:3:"new";} 

A travelling exhibition Of Love and War mounted by the Australian War Memorial in 2009 gave curator Rebecca Britt the inspiration required to create this truly wonderful, permanent, snapshot of times gone bye.

Beautifully presented in both word and picture, stories of love, regret, hope, passion and enduring faith, along with the Australian soldiers famous ability to be able to make fun out of the sometime to awful in letters home, are all collated to create a lasting legacy of and for war brides from the turn of the last century to today.

Handmade postcards, love letters, loneliness shared, grief at losing their love one, the euphoric feelings of a loved one safely returned home and the sharing that comes from stepping outside of the proprieties of society to follow their love, all make wonderful reading.

A true record of human nature against adversity and the incredible resilience of the human spirit are all pictured along with the funny and inventive, brik-a-brak and paraphernalia of war times, which over the centuries has not changed all that much, even though the medium of communication may have done.

To all the families who made their pictures accessible for the world to share through the medium of this book, thank you for an intimate look into your lives and also for helping create a lasting record of bridal and not so bridal fashion over the years – definitely an offshoot, but in many ways equally as important for the recorded history of Australia.