The Eczema Detox

Reviewed By  Janet Mawdesley       February 20, 2018


Author  Karen Fischer

Distributor:      Exile Publishing
ISBN:                 9781925335538-1
Publisher:         Exile Publishing
Release Date:   February 2018  


Eczema is a most debilitating condition, one that can be with the sufferer from birth right through their lives. Medication can and does help to a degree, as do various creams and other remedies.

Karen Fischer was a sufferer with a range of skin problems, tiredness and irritability throughout her teens. It was not until she had an unfortunate exposure to chemicals, as a result of flea bombing her house, she realised she was allergic to chemicals, particularly to salicylates. Needing proof of the most scientific was the only way she would accept the results of the tests and the suggested lifestyle that followed.

 She decided to study Nutrition followed by a Degree in Health Science as well as comprehensively reading every diet based book she could find, eventually accepting the hard fact that yes, she needed to change her diet to be able to change her life.

Her children also faced the challenges of eczema and food sensitivities therefor everything in this book is based on tried and true information, which while in some cases my fly in the face of the more noted and common practices, has been trailed and is an everyday occurrence for Karen Fischer and her family.

Fischer understands and accepts the challenges faced when there is a dire need to change the eating and lifestyle habits of a lifetime in order to try, yet again another method of healing the skin and learning to live with food sensitives.

Detox is a word that has come to have so many permutations, but the importance of detoxing when you are facing severe health issues cannot be understated, but in so saying needs to be undertaken correctly and with commitment.

In this book Karen Fischer explains clearly and in full, the many aspects of changing your diet and lifestyle, not just as a fad, but as a way of life, offering a pathway, backed with extensive knowledge that can and will make a difference to sufferers of both skin conditions and food intolerances.

In short this is a comprehensive, factual and well research book containing life changing options, that will make a massive change in both the physical and mental aspects of the sufferer, of what may not seem to be debilitating conditions, but in truth they definitely are.

Filled with recipes to get started on this program to liberation, helpful hints, glorious pictures and sound advice, anyone who is not sure of whether they are food intolerant, or have a range of skin conditions stretching from dandruff to dry, flaking skin patches, could do well to consider following the advice in the book.

The Eczema Detox will soon become a bible for anyone who is serious about making changes in their life and reaping the rewards.