The Fast Diet (The official 5:2 diet)

Reviewed By  Grasshopper2       January 31, 2015


Author  Dr Michael Mosley and Mimi Spencer

ISBN:                 9781780721675
Publisher:         Faber
Release Date:    


Dr Moseley, scientist, together with Mimi Spencer, journalist and author, has updated this successful book. The research that they have continued to develop shows us many reasons why fasting is a simple and healthy way to lose weight.

The foreword by Dr Moseley explains our current knowledge of how the body utilizes food, and digests what we eat. Now methods of losing weight safely can challenge old beliefs.  There are explanations to say why intermittent fasting is good for your body, but the greatest reassurance is that for 5 days out of 7 you can eat normally. The “special” days are only two a week and this does seem more manageable.

Some of the chapters are devoted to “The science of fasting, The fast diet in practice, and the Fast diet eating plan.” There are also sections not previously covered that address issues such as Asthma, Eczema and Psoriasis.

The dedicated website to assist participants in this diet has many tips and support is freely given by people using this method. Many personal anecdotes are shared. It all makes sense and seems to be a remarkably easy way to approach dieting more thoughtfully. Most of the points which are made are backed up with scientific research and testing.

This is a very easy to read book, and handy to flip through for delicious recipes. There are distinctions made for men and women and nothing is set in concrete.

It doesn’t seem quite so unattainable to ignore hunger pains when you know that you can have a serve of roast pork  and steamed vegetables for dinner. Yes! The thing that really sets this book apart from others is the phrase “flexibility is the key to success; your body is not my body.” This is very important as no book should insist there is only one correct way of doing things. If after your breakfast of 600 calories, you are seriously peckish then you may have an apple or pear, and then ….there is always dinner.

Many of the recipes seem to be interesting and colourful and tasty, all of them worth a try for the family. This seems to be a way of life that people take on and adopt for life and for health.