The Real Gypsy Guide to Fortune Telling

Reviewed By  Janet Mawdesley       April 24, 2015


Author  Deborah Durbin

ISBN:                 978-1-78279-183-6
Publisher:         Soul Rocks
Release Date:    


Fortune Telling or being able to understand what is happening now and why and what is to come in the future is something which has fascinated people since time immemorial. Many years ago it could get you hung or drowned as a witch, but on the other hand in many more ancient cultures was considered essential for long term planning, as well as a way of answering the difficult or unknown issues which may affect an individual, their family or the area at large.

Over the centuries there have been hundreds of methods developed to try and help answer these questions ranging from Runes to Tarot, astrology, wizardry and of course fortune telling, the art of the Romany Gypsies.

But this does not satisfy the curiosity of those who would love to delve in what has been referred to in a wide variety of genres as the ‘arcane arts’, to work out their own particular issues and in doing so take a peek into the future; along with gaining the answers to issues in their lives.

Thanks to Hollywood and a raft of Sci-Fi publications many people are a little worried about ‘dabbling’ into these arcane matters,  but once you have read this great how to guide, you will feel confidant to be able to pick the ‘fortune telling’ method of your choice and take a peek into what is to come.

Deborah Durbin has dealt with a range of different divination techniques which will keep you entertained, grant you a range of information on many differing styles and also allow you to have some fun with your friends at a girl’s night in.

Divination is not just for fun, it is also a time proven method of problem solving and prediction:  from lost loves to who was going to be the future hero. The ancient Greeks were particularly fond of predicting heroes and why not! Every civilisation needs a good hero or two.

Written with a great knowledge on the subject and with a light, enjoyable turn of phrase you will definitely enjoy the read, know heaps more about everything from Tarot to Tea Leaves and everything in between, as well as develop one of the skills which have lain dormant within you for many years.

Enjoy the journey. You may be surprised at just what you may discover.