The Single Mother’s Social Club

Reviewed By  Nan van Dissel       October 14, 2021


Author  Jacinta Tynan

Distributor:      Murdoch Books
ISBN:                 9781922351210
Publisher:         Murdoch Books
Release Date:   July 2021  


Inspiration and advice on embracing single parenthood

Single-parent households are the fastest growing family group in Australia; of this group approximately 80% are women. The circumstances by which these women have become a single parent are very diverse but all will be able to relate to the situations described in Jacinta Tynan’s comprehensive, knowledgeable book ‘The Single Mother’s Social Club’.

The author, herself a single parent of two young boys, after speaking to dozens of single mothers and experts has compiled what could be considered a handbook for the solo parent. Her book is divided into three parts; Destruction, Reset and Creation. Each part has several chapters expanding on its theme; these explore the issues related to the circumstances in which single mothers find themselves during their journey of solo parenting. The practical advice in each of these sections is supported by anecdotal stories from her many friends and authorities. The recommendations have been summarized in laymen’s terms at the end of each chapter in its section.

Her spiritual practice is the thing which has sustained her greatly on her single mother journey, hence she has included a chapter in which she discusses spiritual concepts including meditation and trusting in a higher power.

Readers who are experiencing isolation as a single mother will find this an insightful, validating and supportive work. By including a detailed index and a vast range of recommended resources, solo mothers are able to access further help.