The Temple of Sapience

Reviewed By  Janet Mawdesley       November 26, 2014


Author  Sandra McCurdy

ISBN:                 978-1-4502-2950-0
Publisher:         iUniverse
Release Date:    


Convoluted and challenging we are drawn into the fantasy world of “elves”, the dark and the light and adventure true to the heart of those who love fantasy fiction.

Magic, maps and mayhem prevail as Bael, a changeling, is made and offer he can’t refuse. Yes even in the elf world these things do happen. But as with all “offers you can’t refuse” they are not always what they seem.

Join Beal, along with this three friends, who form an unlikey band of hero’s, and enemies alike and for a journey into the netherworlds of Sapience in order to save the world!

Written for the young adult market this is the first in a series and if you are a lover of fantasy one you should add to your collection.