The Wisdom of my Grandmothers

Reviewed By  Janet Mawdesley       November 26, 2014


Author  Adriana Trigiana

ISBN:                 978-0-85720-422-6
Publisher:         Simon & Schuster UK
Release Date:    


This heart-warming look into times gone bye is a lovely tribute to two women of the many who left their native villages in Italy in search of a better life and ended up contributing to the fabric of what is today modern America.

Trigiana pays homage to her grandmothers, both strong minded women who conquered the challenges that arriving in a new country gave to them both. Highly individual and highly motivated they faced huge challenges in their lives, rose above them and went on to become women of stature, not only in their communities but within their families.

Filled with homilies such as “Defend your reputation; you can’t get it back once it’s gone” and perhaps the most important one of all, and also the most telling as to the type of women they were is “Take and chance, and when you fail, take another one”.

In so many ways the challenges Grandmothers Lucy and Viola faced so many years ago are as real today as they were then as working women raising a family, managing their time and yet still providing.

Much can be learned from their stories, comfort given to the many modern working mothers in knowing that women in times before them have trodden the same pathways, along with the knowledge and the strong belief that if you confront life’s challenges you will always learn and be that much wiser and stronger for the journey.

Enjoy the journey and the warmth and wisdom amongst the pages of this very special look at the women who helped shape the future so many years ago as young arrivals in a foreign land.