Unbored -The Essential field Guide to Serious Fun

Reviewed By  Janet Mawdesley       November 26, 2014


Author  Elizabeth Foy Larsen, Joshua Glenn & Tony Leone

ISBN:                 978-1-60819-641-8
Publisher:         Bloomsbury Publishing Aust.
Release Date:    

Website:    http://www.bloomsbury.com 

Kids, definitely don’t let your parents get hold of this one or they may just try to grab it for themselves and the stuff contained inside this serious books about fun really is just, totally, strictly for teens.

Like how uncool would it be to find your parents doing the “How to be alone with yourself section” or a Food Rebel! Yeah well, make sure you keep this one out of their reach.

Page after page of better than fantastic ideas are hidden behind the red cover which are guaranteed to never, ever, let you have a bored moment again, for weekends or holidays.

Packed to the limits there are more than enough things to do for kids of all ages touching on technology, crafty bits and pieces, more stuff about things you always needed (wanted ) to know but were to scarred to ask in case someone thought you were dumb and terrific projects to undertake.

I mean like what is a guerrilla gardener! And what can you do to become a Food Rebel! It’s not what you might think!

There also a section on how to make your water blaster remote controlled – Just figure the people you could get with no real effort at all! There’s even a section on how to” train your grownup to become a NINJA”

There is truly something for everyone inside the cover of UNBORED, even your adults, so grab a copy, drop your adults a line and perhaps ask for one for Christmas or just go into nag mode until you get one.

However you do it enjoy every new experience as you open a new world of being UNBORED during the holidays, discovering something new about all things new and old and recycled once again.

Enjoy! I certainly have.