Weather: An Illustrated History: From Cloud Atlases to Climate Change

Reviewed By  Ian Banks       May 9, 2018


Author  Andrew Revkin, Lisa Mechaley

Distributor:      New South Books
ISBN:                 9781454921400
Publisher:         Sterling
Release Date:   May 2018  


From the very beginning there has been weather: it is a simple fact that every planet that sustains life needs to have atmosphere, and to get atmosphere there has to be weather!

Self-explanatory indeed, but the effect weather has on this our planet, the effect that we as residents on this planet have on the weather, is perhaps not as self-explanatory as we may all like to think, as the debate about carbon emissions and Climate Change rage on global portions.

The formation of the earth as a planet is a formidable exercise in many sciences, beginning some 4.567 billion years ago; and then there was the moon, which is also a fascinating combination of sciences, believed to have contributed to the formation of a dry, sterile planet, that lightens the night sky.

But onto the history of Weather which Revkin and Mechaley have presented in chronological order, as the miscellany of facts and accompanying pictures needs to be dealt with in fitting style, as it has such a massive effect on our daily existence and on the future of the planet.

Beginning with 4.567 billion bce when the earth got an atmosphere, followed by 4.3 billion bce, when Water World arrived, and proceeding from there, they have filled each page with a myriad of facts and figures that remain as fascinating and amazing today, as they were when they were first discovered and recorded.

Each of the pages is accompanied by a few lines notated as See Also which offers further reading to be had on that subject. Informative captions provide detailed information on each of the accompanying pictures.

Suitable for a wide range of ages, this is a wonderfully informative collection of things you always wanted to know about weather and history but did not realise until you read the book.

Weather – an illustrated history is great tool for projects, school research and anyone who loves all those little fact and figures about the planet, that make it a truly fascinating place to live.