What Dwells Within: A Study of Spirit Attachment

Reviewed By  Janet Mawdesley       May 11, 2016


Author  Jayne Harris and D.J. Weatherer

Distributor:      JHP
ISBN:                 978-1-78535-032-0
Publisher:         6th books
Release Date:   October 2015  

Website:    www.6th-books.com 

“It is believed that ghosts haunt areas that the deceased were either fond of or met their demise within…” This is the foundation upon which the authors base their studies. Jayne Harris has qualifications in Criminology, Psychology, and Counselling, and has always had an interest in the paranormal. She has written this book clearly and simply to explain how procedures are used to test if a spirit has inhabited an object. Although several objects, such as chairs and houses, are mentioned, dolls have a special place in Jayne’s collection, and she has her own Haunted Dolls website.

 Recognition of Jayne’s work has been given by magazines and paranormal groups. People have invited Jayne into their houses to help them make sense of strange occurrences around an object. The author discusses spirit attachment, which happens more with people than with objects such as dolls, but she has devised a series of observations and tests to check an object. There is a chapter on “Spirit attachment through History”, where Jayne discusses voodoo, puppets and twins who have been parted by death.

 It is fascinating to read about the equipment that is taken to assess a paranormal occurrence. There is a K2 meter to detect electromagnetic fields. Headphones, an infra-red camera, an onyx pendulum and a mini digital recorder are some items that also help Jayne to form a conclusive opinion. If she believes there is evidence of paranormal activity, the author (with the owners’ permission) takes the doll home. The doll is placed in isolation for twenty four hours in the basement. It is surrounded by salt and kept in a glass case. Later the doll undergoes a cleansing ritual.

 One of the dolls able to express itself was called Peter. Peter was the name of the boy who owned the doll. Peter died in a boating accident and wanted to stay with the doll and not pass over. Doors would slam and books fall off shelves when Peter was active. Another Welsh doll called Polly displayed various activities during investigations. “Light bulbs often blow in rooms where she is kept. Door handles rattle, pictures fall from the wall, and the sound of children playing or giggling is often heard”.

 We know so little about para normal activities. This is a well written introduction to the basic procedures that are used to identify objects that have spirits attached. It is quite fascinating to see the practical equipment and methods used by those who study this topic. There are many examples documented, enough to make the reader wonder, and arouse curiosity. Some of those dolls……Hmmmmm, they look strange!