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Once I Was Loved

Told through the eyes of a rather travel worn toy rabbit called Tock, found in the Charity box, Tock tells his story about all the people who once loved him, but have grown up and moved on with their lives.

There was Sam, who named him Tock, and loved him through the years, sharing her sadness when her dad went to war, her happiness at birthdays; they did everything together until once day, Sam’s mum, who was a Nurse, took her to visit Flynn, who was very sick with polio.

Sam felt Flynn needed Tock far more than she did, as when she gave him Tock, he smiled and began to get better. They shared adventures until Flynn was strong enough to go home. When the celebrations for Victory Day where being held Tock slipped from Flynn’s hands, flying off the balcony and down into the crowd.

Over many, many years Tock found his way into so many small hands and new homes, each one crammed with new adventures until he found himself discarded, left in the Charity Box, sad, forlorn and homeless until………

Once, I Was Loved is set gracefully set against the background of history spaning almost ninety years, from the beginning of the Second World War, to the lunar landing and then into the internet age of today, where toys are left on the shelf in pursuit of the instant pleasure of the internet.

As the story evolves there are many discussion points to have with children such as what polio was, war, the first lunar landing, and the Rock and Roll craze, all important aspects of the years long gone.

Charming and crammed full of love, Belinda Landsbury’s beguiling illustrations along with the gentle storyline have created a book to be treasured and one that will leave a happy little tear in the eye at the end of the story.

Author Belinda Landsberry
Publisher EK/Exisle Publications
ISBN 9781925820027
Distributor EK Books
Released October 2019