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7 Attributes to Assure Your Working Future

Roxanne Calder has been around the HR industry for most of her working life, an industry she admits she fell into by accident at time in her life when she was at a career crossroads. That is was a perfect fit became apparent in days and since that time, as a woman seeking a work life balance full of meaning and enjoyment, she has achieved much, founding EST10, in 2010, now a leading boutique office-support recruitment agency.

In Employable – 7 Attributes to assure your working future she shares her knowledge of the employment industry and what she considers as the seven most valuable attributes to getting and retaining the job you really desire.

Well written the chapter’s flow easily as if she is sitting speaking with you, as she addresses the aspects and attributes required in the highly competitive world of employment today, as well as sharing her journey and valuable learning experiences.

Each of the seven attributes is given their own chapters which set out in detail what they are, how you can discover whether you have them or not and how to hone, or establish them to perfection. Questions are presented, explanations offered and helpful dialogue makes facing up to yourself relatively easy.

Calder has also addressed the traumatic issues of getting sacked, redundancy and retirement, which is not always the happy place many expect it to be, as well as the very practical aspects of getting a job: resume writing to stand out from the crowd, personal presentation, the very important research and preparation, as well as those dratted nerves, which truly can skink the best prepared candidates at the final interview.

Regardless of whether you are heading for the Corporate job scene, are newly graduated from University, leaving high school, returning to the work place after time out, or simply want a job doing what you love to do, Employable – 7 Attributes to assure your working future is and should be considered as a must read.

Calder also points out the although Australia is suffering from a talent shortage which has been exacerbated by the Covid virus, with many taking early retirement, working part time or simply changing lifestyles, the employment market is perhaps more competitive than ever, as employers are seeking the best people for the jobs that are on offer.

Gone are the days when any job will do or any employee will do. It is a marketplace that has changed dramatically over the past 20 years and one that job seekers everywhere need to understand, to keep upskilled for and to be able to offer something positive and interestingly ‘them’ to the equation or the interview!

Well written, easily understood, Employable – 7 Attributes to assure your working future will help you give the best presentation possible as you address the many changing facets of the modern employment sector in pursuit of your dream job.

If you are a job seeker, someone considering changing their career or wanting to re-enter the workforce, consider this as your handbook to a new future in a job or career of your choosing.

Author Roxanne Calder
Publisher Major Street Publishing
ISBN 9780648980421
Released May 2021