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Baz & Benz

In this bold, bright and fun about friendship, two little owls, take a look at friendship and what it really means, in Baz and Benz from acclaimed a children’s author Heidi McKinnon.

Baz tries to find out just what friends are all about by pretending to be so many things to his friend Benz, just to see if Benz would still be his friend, even if he were a Bat with sharp claws, or if he was purple with Spots!

Of course, Benz says, he will still be his friend as friends, true friends, are forever, no matter how scary, or how annoying they may be.

All beginner and young readers will enjoy this bright, enjoyable look at the many, many, things that do go to make up a friendship. The big, bold fun text with pages where they too can join in and read the simple Meep! Meep! Meep and much more, make this tale so very much fun.

Each of the things Baz uses to test their friendship make wonderful talking points to illustrate that friendship is something that really is forever, no matter what and that it does not matter what colour you are, or whether you are being very annoying or not, bestest friends are just that, bestest, because they are who they are forever and forever.

Once again Heidi McKinnon has captured the very essence of friendship through the eyes of two little owls in this warm-hearted and very enjoyable tale which will almost guarantee bedtime story time is a little bit of a riot!


Author Heidi McKinnon
Publisher A&U Childrens
ISBN 9781760523688
Distributor A&U Childrens
Released March 2019