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A romantic tale today, is so different to those of the past. Memorial is a modern-day love story set in Texas involving today’s people and their freedom and insight. Mike is a Japanese American and Benson is a Black American. They meet and fall in love. But no one lives in isolation, and there are families and friends to consider.

The families of both men are broken. Benson’s father has been divorced by his mother and is slowly drinking himself into oblivion. Mike’s father, in Japan, has left his wife and is drifting. After Mike and Benson decide their relationship is serious, they move in together. They have been together for four years, but still Mike feels they should sleep around for fun.

Benson is more serious and is horrified when Mike’s mother says she is coming to stay. Worse still, Mike decides to visit his father in Japan at that time. While he discovers his long-lost father, Benson gradually develops a relationship with Mitsuko, Mike’s mother. The messages from Mike and the complications at Benson’s workplace make this a tense period of discovery for each character. For each one must work out what is their true value in life, and how they achieve the integrity they seek.

This is a romance that jars at times if your comfort zone is not for a bare modern day love story, warts and all. It is totally today’s world however.

Author Bryan Washington
Publisher Atlantic
ISBN 9781838951320
Distributor Allen & Unwin
Released November 2020