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Gardening with Drought-Friendly Plants

Low maintenance gardens that are drought tolerant, colourful and most importantly enjoyable, are the way of the future with the serious changes in the Climate worldwide, making the more traditional gardens so loved by the British or those of British decent, something that is seriously under threat.

Gardening with Drought Tolerant Plants interestingly, is based on Kew Gardens and the changes they are experiencing within their botanical structure, due primarily to climate change, people becoming far more  water-wise, as well as the warming of the Northern hemisphere, making it possible to grow plants outdoors that would once, have only survived in a greenhouse.

Tony Hall has over his twenty years with Kew Gardens in the role of Senior Arboretum and Gardens Manager, seen the change to smaller suburban gardens emerging, along with balcony and patio gardens, many of which require compact, colourful plants, that will tolerate the new climate conditions.

To this end he has taken his more than fifty years as a gardener, along with his love of Mediterranean plants to created this colourful and extremely useful book, or  list as he prefers to call it, of  Mediterranean plants that will happily grow just about anywhere.

While Tony Hall is based in the Northern hemisphere, this is a more than useful book for anyone who lives in the more tropical, subtropical or arid regions of the world, namely parts of the USA and Australia, as the information detailed about the plants listed make them a suitable choice for a range of garden locations and elements.

Well set out, with a mass of detail about the plants selected, this is a perfect reference book for anyone thinking of establishing a drought tolerant garden or something a little bit different on their balcony or patio. Although many of the references are areas of the Mediterranean the basic information is the same, care needs to be taken in regard to seasonal information if you are in the Southern hemisphere.

Author Tony Hall
Publisher Kew Publishing
ISBN 9781842467091
Distributor New South Books
Released September 2020