Reviewed By  Janet Mawdesley       November 1, 2019


Author  Bilyana Di Costanzo Illustrator: Mauro Di Costanzo

Distributor:      New Holland Publishers
ISBN:                 9781760791223
Publisher:         New Holland Publishers
Release Date:   November 2019  

Website:    http://au.newhollandpublishers.com 

Any youngster that is interested in hair and how to create a wonderful new look with their locks, will really enjoy this slightly zany trip into the world of perhaps some very vain animals, who all care, almost desperately, about their hair.

The warthog rather fancies a ponytail, while the lion wants curls. The sheep decides a straight look is called for, while the camels rather like small plaits with beads or a flat top for that efficient, busy look. Guinea pig is trying out a long intricate plait, while mouse decides that sleek makes him look less meek!

So many animals are busy getting their new look, it offers an interesting platform to discuss why caring about how you look, a can often make a huge difference to how you feel. Pig is very down because she has a bald patch nothing will match, until several friends decide that maybe she can wear a wig and have an ‘up-do’! Fantastic! What a change it made to Pigs day.

Sometimes it is the little things that make the biggest difference and in I Care For My Hair, it is very interesting to see how the various animals go about choosing their look and why.

The rhyming words used throughout the text add a further learning aspect to the story, which can also be built upon to encourage children to create their own rhyming verse from simple words and sentences, which can be a huge amount of fun.

At the end of the story there is a question to be asked, which really needs an honest rhyming answer.

Bilyana and Mauro Di Constanzo have created a fun filled, colourful look at hair, with many elements to the story, but overall is simply one of fun, using words that all young readers will enjoy experimenting with, as they discover just which animals think they look seriously sharp in their new hairdo!