Loveable Lottie and the Shy Sheep

Reviewed By  Janet Mawdesley       November 5, 2019


Author  Asia Upward

Distributor:      New Holland Publishers
ISBN:                 9781760791308
Publisher:         New Holland Publishers
Release Date:   Ocotber 2019  


Loveable Lottie has now turned one and is still very busy investigating life in general, as well as life around the small property where she and her family live. Now she is one she is ready to have her first real job, protecting the chickens from the very naughty fox, who would love nothing better than to get into the chook yard.

But as Lottie goes to investigate the situation for her new job, she realises the grass around the chook yard is far to long, and needs some help to cut it shorter. What better way than to gather some of the sheep to help out, as they really enjoy eating long, sweet grass.

As with all good ideas, sometimes things do not always go as planned and Lottie’s sheep are no exception, as they are all very, very shy. Lottie tries so many things to make friends with them, including a tempting apple pie with ice-cream, her very favourite treat, but this does not work. A bubble bath also fails to tempt these very shy sheep. What else can she try, as she does so want to be friends with the sheep.

Join Loveable Lottie as she discovers how to be the very best of friends with the sheep and have a world of fun on the journey.

As Loveable Lottie lovers are aware, Lottie is a real dog, who lives on a small farm in the country and her human Asia Upward, loves taking photos of Lottie going about her daily life and chores such as minding the chickens.

Can you find the very shy sheep, Daphne, Dolores and Dolly and the very sneaky, very naughty fox, who really wants to a be a part of the story!

Loveable Lottie and the Shy Sheep is a lovely, heart-warming tale once again from the pen and camera of Asia Upward and her very lovable dog, Lottie.