Figaro and Rumba and the Crocodile Café

Reviewed By  Janet Mawdesley       March 5, 2014


Author  Anna Fienberg & Stephen Michael King

ISBN:                 978-1-74331-488-3
Publisher:         Allen & Unwin
Release Date:    


Just to get things straight from the beginning Figaro is a dog and Rumba is a cat and they are the best of mates. They share a house and they also share adventures but none quite like the adventure they find when they decided to take the Very Fast Train to the seaside for the day.

Their first attempt at catching the Very Fast Train ends before it starts as one of their friends Nate is missing. His cousin Rat saw him set off in his very red blow-up boat along the river but after a long time Nate has still not returned and Rat is very, very worried.

Rumba sets off using his skills to see if he can find Nate and ends in a very different adventure of his own which is nothing to do with his and Rumba’s planned trip to the seaside.

When the two friends finally get to go on the Very Fast Train they meet a very charming, very smooth operator in Crocodile who invites them to his Café at the seaside and makes them very, very welcome, offering them lovely green drinks which make Rumba very sleepy. 

I won’t tell you anymore because that will spoil the end of the story, so make sure you find out just way happened at the very, very end of this very, very exciting adventure.