There’s a Dinosaur in my Bathtub

Reviewed By  Janet Mawdesley       February 4, 2014


Author  Catalina Echeverri

ISBN:                 978-1-4088-3939-3
Publisher:         Bloomsbury
Release Date:    


This large picture book is all about Amelia and her very, very special friend Pierre, who comes all the way from France to be her friend.

He is also very special because he is a dinosaur, not just any dinosaur, but a French dinosaur, with all the flamboyance of someone who is very, very French.

The thing is, only Amelia can see him and so when it is time for other people in the family to clean their teeth or take a shower Pierre needs to hide. Why, because he lives in the bathroom, of course. Lucky for Amelia he is also very, very good a hiding.

Between them the two friends manage to take a trip to the moon, eat a very giant ice-cream, play a special violin and have so much fun. Of course their adventures are not just ordinary ones. Have you ever heard of marshmallow stars and trees made of candyfloss, well in Amelia’s special world special things are there.

Join Amelia and her very special friend Pierre on their adventures. All you have to do is open the pages and off you go to somewhere very special with Amelia and Pierre.

Have heaps of fun!