Freaks on the Loose The Whole Scary Story

Reviewed By  Janet Mawdesley       January 31, 2018


Author  Leigh Hobbs

Distributor:      Allen and Unwin Childrens
ISBN:                 9781760294311
Publisher:         Allen and Unwin Childrens
Release Date:   January 2018  


Just as school in returning, at least in Australia, this wonderful two book collection from Leigh Hobbs surfaces to either remind teachers what they are in for, or children what they can get up to, during school hours.

4F for Freaks is a special classroom for those children who have, let’s be nice and call them ‘issues’. They have a new young teacher beginning this term and simply cannot wait to meet her.  On the first day the Headmaster brings Miss Corker in to meet the new class and introduces all of the children to her! Oh Dear!

By the end of the first day 4F think that is the end of their new teacher – they have done it again. But the next day Miss Schnorkel arrived; she was their new teacher and before 4F knew what was happening, they were doing things they had never done before, like becoming the ‘teacher’s pet’.

And before they knew it school was definitely very different and so they had to have a meeting to discuss this terrible situation. But who was secretly listening at the meeting?

Freaks Ahoy sees the class of 4F take to the high seas with all the mischief they could possibly think up, that is until and formidable Miss Schnorkel steps in once again, to rescue the teachers who are taking long service leave on their cruise liner, which somehow 4F managed to board.

4F spent the day creating mayhem where ever they went but by the time the returned to school Miss Schnorkel believed the day had been very well spent, as they had all learned lessons about something, even while they were out to expose Miss Schnorkel, revealing who she really was!

Mayhem and merriment are delivered in style from the very fluid pen of one of Australia’s most love children authors, Leigh Hobbs, as he draws on his own experiences as a teacher to create some of the many and varied characters of 4F.

Fabulous illustrations coupled with great storylines are as always hugely entertaining, just let’s hope the readers of Freaks on the Loose, and do not get any ideas!