Princess Snowbelle and the Snowstorm

Reviewed By  Janet Mawdesley       February 4, 2018


Author  Libby Frost. Illustrations Lucy Fleming

Distributor:      Bloomsbury
ISBN:                 9781408890011
Publisher:         Bloomsbury
Release Date:   January 2018  


Princess Snowbelle, and her friend Sparkleshine have been become favourites of little princesses for some time with a range of creative activity books, but with this brand new storybook,  Princess Snowbelle and her friends, let all their little friends, join them in an adventure in the frosty land of Frostovia.

Snowbelle has been asked to sing a song to open the annual Snow Ball. She is a little bit nervous, but knows that when her best friend Sparkleshine arrives to accompany her on the piano, she will be able to sing very well. But a huge snow storm comes in and Sparkleshine is running very late.

Snowbelle with her pony Icetail decide to go out and see if they can find her as she is very worried Sparkleshine may have been caught in the snow, as she had to travel through the Enchanted Forrest.

Can she and Icetail find Sparkleshine in time, and can the two friends manage to get to the ball on time?

Libby Frost, in the guise of Princess Snowbelle, has created a wonderful tale of friendship and courage to delight every little Princesses heart.

Large format pages, with colourful and enchanted illustrations, make this a delightful story for young readers who love a little bit of glamour and fantasy, in their adventure stories and a wonderful addition to a character brand which has already become a firm favourite with little girls everywhere.

There are sure to be more adventures in Frostovia to charm young readers, starring of course, Princess Snowbelle, Sparkleshine and the very brave little pony, Icetail.