Happy Little Vegemite’s Book Series

Reviewed By  Janet Mawdesley       January 14, 2022


Author  New Holland Publishers

Distributor:      New Holland Publishers
Publisher:         New Holland Publishers
Release Date:   Series released July 2021  

Website:    https://au.newhollandpublishers.com 

In a new venture New Holland Publishers and the iconic brand Vegemite and Bega Cheese have joined forces to create a Children’s Publishing Program with the star of the show, not always but often, Vegemite a lovable, often very excited little brown dog, who it is safe to say could be a long distant relative of Fred, the man who first developed the company and the brand name.

Fred, along with Rosie and other ‘Happy Little Vegemite’s’ will become firm friends as the books unfold into the differing series for a wide range of readers and ages.

Each of the books in the series featured are full of bright, bold colours making them immediately attractive to little people who are beginning to learn their first words, but love the shapes and vibrant colours. 

First Words has simple pictures with one word on each page, with Fred trying to get the apple off the tree, driving a car and then at the end of a very busy day with learning First Words, asleep on the end of the bed.

Shapes is a little more complex with the shape named and the accompanying picture showing the shape in the form of a window for rectangle, or a tent for a triangle. Each word is related to something that is familiar, with a spiral and a snail’s shell completing the once again brightly illustrated words.

Transport moves the level up a little more, to more complex words beginning with bike and car before moving to boat and submarine, then concluding with helicopter and plane. Once again the colours are bright and bold with the illustrations spanning the page, two to a page. to show size and comparison.

T. Rex and Friends moves into a new sphere as it looks at dinosaurs, beloved of young children who seem to have a strong fascination with these very huge creatures with very long names. Fred somehow was in the age of these massive creatures and while he is making sure he is keeping out of way of their huge feet, seems to be having fun.

Designed to encourage young and beginning readers into the world of words and books, the Vegemite series will make perfect gifts and are set out in such a way that reading them and helping children learn the word shapes and word association, can be filled with lots and lots of fun.