Temora and the Wordsnatcher

Reviewed By  Grasshopper2       June 22, 2023


Author  Kate Gordon

Distributor:      Wombat Books
ISBN:                 9781761110122
Publisher:         Wombat Books
Release Date:   May 2023  

Website:    https://wombatrhiza.com.au/catalogue/ 

Temora Murphy is the main character in this fantasy novel from Kate Gordon which is quite complex and has many twists and turns which gradually reveal some strange outcomes. Temora is eleven years old.

Temora and the Wordsnatcher begins with Temora’s mother holding her baby and weeping as she has to part with the child. Temora is to be given to a “Safe keeper”, to protect her. The next few years for the babe will be lived in another story book with another mother, a mother not as kind nor caring has her real mother

In fact, the girl lives in a kind of limbo as her carer mother really wants little to do with her. She lives a cold, sad, and lonely life until the age of eleven when she discovers that a wish on a birthday candle can make a difference. When she is aged twelve, she again wishes on her birthday candle and suddenly everything changes.

She is transported to a different world where she learns that her presence has been long awaited. She is to become an apprentice and live in a community with other children. At last, she has company and friendship of others. So, a different life begins for her but all is not as it seems, for there are dangerous and evil people who have created magical diseases. It seems that her story must be to overcome these destructive forces.

Temora and the Wordsnatcher is an imaginative and complex tale for good readers and is Book 1 in the Wordspinner series.